7X Why A Company Video Is Indispensable For You AS AN Entrepreneur

You probably know the cliché ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’… but if a picture says so much, what does video do? That is namely +/- 25 photos per second. Video also has sound and you can transfer a lot with sound. A feeling, a story and an atmosphere. Now that you understand the value of video versus photo, I will take you through the value it can offer you as an entrepreneur. Spoiler alert: video can increase your sales! In this article I give you 7 reasons to have a company video as an entrepreneur.


# 1 YOU can visually show what you are doing

Let’s say you are a wedding planner. Then you can explain to your customer how it works, but you can also show it! In a video you can take your potential customer along in the process and the result. 

# 2 More personal

You are your company and people buy from you. With video you can make your company even more personal. Consider, for example, a video portrait in which you explain why you started as a business coach, with your unique story. 

# 3 Distinction from your peers

How will you distinguish yourself from your colleagues? You want to stay ahead of that. You can do this with video. This way you stand out in your industry. 

# 4 Video draws attention

We are all sensitive to images. Our view is automatically drawn there. Video stands out the most and that is exactly what you want as an entrepreneur. Video draws a lot more attention than text (I’m glad you got to point 4 for that). A company video on your page can therefore ensure that customers stay longer on your website and that they are more likely to contact you.

# 5 Higher in google

If someone Googles, you naturally want to end up on that first page. Now there are many options ( SEO is your friend ), but don’t forget video. Video ensures that your website becomes ‘richer’. Not in fat euros, but in content and Google thinks that is top. Especially if that video is also uploaded via Youtube and then published on your website from there. That’s because YouTube is now also part of Google. By adding a video to your webpage via YouTube, it is more likely that you will just go from page 2 to that first page.

# 6 Richer content on social media

Facebook, Instagram and other social media also love rich content. That is not surprising. They want to serve you the best content and well, what would you rather stop scrolling for? A piece of text without images or a video that immediately grabs your attention? Right 😉

# 7 More sales

Ultimately, we all have to invest that sandwich and I can tell you: here too, video has a magical effect. Did you know that by placing a video on your landing page you can increase the conversion (purchases) by 80%? That is really a lot! Because people watch your video, they stay longer on your page. As a result, your ideal customer is immediately more interested in what you want to sell. 

I can hardly imagine that you are not as enthusiastic about video as I am now. So get started! Would you like an aftermovie of your event, a company video of your work as an entrepreneur or another cool video? I will help you with all my love!

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